1994: University of California Press

A landmark study of the extraordinary relationship between the hunter-gatherers long referred to in the literature as “Pygmies” and their Farmer Neighbors.

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In this carefully researched and clearly written ethnography, Roy Richard Grinker presents a powerful new analysis oif pygmy-farmer relations in the Ituri Forest. His fascinating account deepens our knowledge of forest peoples in central Africa, breaks new ground in African studies, and contributes a challenging case to the comparative study of ethnic relations. 

Robert A. LeVine, Harvard University

Whereas a shelf of books has been written about Pygmies, not even a solitary book has been devoted to their farmer counterparts, the hitherto invisible half of Pygmy society. Filling this gap in the literature, Roy Richard Grinker breaks new ground in the theory of social institutions and throws an unexpected light on the subject of ethnicity in general. 

Jan Vansina, University of Wisconsin, Madison

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